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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Kids On The Bus

Everyday when I go to the bus stop to wait for my daughter, a bus from another town pulls into my neighborhood to turn around.

One day, early on in the school year, I saw a girl sitting towards the back of the bus and her face lit up and she waved.

I am 99% sure that I know this girl.  I think that she dances where my daughter dances, but she's older and I think I've only seen her in passing.

I thought it was so cute how her face lit up and she waved.

Since then, I look forward to seeing this bus in the afternoons. 

You see, even if this girl is not on the bus, someone waves to me.  Sometimes it's a girl who I think of as a shy and quiet kid, who gives me a little wave and a smile.  Sometimes it's a few boys in the back of the bus who wave with crazy enthusiasm.

Whoever waves to me, it's such a sweet part of the day and I love that no matter what, I can count on a wave and a smile to brighten my day. 

I hope these kids remain this sweet forever.

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