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Monday, October 1, 2012

Going Mad!

After a wonderful weekend celebrating my daughter's birthday with family, it is time for the annual madness of the kid party.

I go a little nuts for my kids birthday parties.  I really really like having their parties at the house.  I love locking into a theme and going crazy with it. 

For my daughter, we've done a purple party, princess party, Hello Kitty Carnival and a panda bowling party.

This year, we have decided to do a Mad Hatter Tea Party.  What I love is that everyone in our family gets excited about the themes.  My mother in law ran to The Disney Store and got my daughter the Alice costume.  It's awesome because she can wear it for the party, for Halloween and our super secret trip to Disney that's coming up. 

My parents (my dad actually found it, let the record show) found an Alice in Wonderland tea pot at a store and gave it to her for her birthday.

I have been collecting odds and ends to decorate the crazy table with.  I could craft FOREVER when it comes to these parties.  I have to tell myself its for one day and my husband will frown upon me celebrating "Unbirthdays" until the new millennium.

My other plans include writing names on tea cups for the girls to take home as favors.  Sharpie paint markers and the oven are supposed to make these last a long time.  I also want to make soldiers out of a deck of cards, it seems easy enough, but I'll have to see how much time I have.

I also managed to get a croquet set at the local flea market, so I'm going to set it up like a little obstacle course for the kids.  I don't know that they'll want to play croquet the real way, so I think this will be fun.

Can't wait to get started!!!  Wish me luck!

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Devon said...

i want to see everything please.