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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Halloween this year was supposed to be easy.

My daughter has an Alice in Wonderland costume that she wore for her birthday , so she was all set.

My son, usually comes up with something that doesn't require a whole lot of money.  He likes a good pun , in the past he's been a killer bee and a cereal killer.  Ahh boys and their gross costumes.

This year he could not make up his mind.  He just kept saying that he didn't think he wanted to go trick or treating and we wondered if maybe he was feeling like he was too old.  He is probably getting close to that age, but he will be getting his braces off one week after Halloween and we cannot believe he doesn't want to load up on FREE candy.

After talking to him a bit, he finally confessed that he didn't have a good idea for a costume and that was why he was hesitating.  We decided to jump on the 'ol internet and take a look.

Within minutes, he found what he wanted to be.  He wants to wear football apparel, a long cloak and a long white beard and be ......fantasy football.

This works on every level for him.  He loves the pun and even more so, he's been playing in my husband's fantasy football league for a few years and loves it. (it's free) 

I was delighted, until I realized I had nothing for this costume and Halloween is a week away.

On a whim, I thought maybe I could try a few thrift stores in the area and see what I could piece together before I hit the pricey party stores.

I don't know what I was expecting to find, but I headed in with an open mind.  I was walking by the women's clothes when I noticed a few long black velvet dresses.  I was wondering if I would be able to make them into a cloak for him, after looking at a few, I saw one that would be perfect.  It was $9.99, so I debated whether I could purchase one already made, or if this was a better deal.  My friend then said, "Everything without a green tag is 50%off"  What?  Awesome.  Sold.

I moseyed on over to the men's section and saw what looked like a sporty section.  I was poking though when I saw it.  Quick back story, even though we live in New England, we love New York sports teams.  Yankees, Islanders, Jets and Giants.  So , there in all the Red Sox and Patriots gear was a Jets Jersey.  I couldn't believe it.  It was huge, but it's Halloween , who cares?  I looked at the price, $3.99!!  Oh and the tag was yellow, so basically $2.00....I almost lost my head with excitement.  Things like this don't usually go my way!

A trip to a Savers, which carries new Halloween merchandise, had me finding a giant wizard wand for only $.99 over what I wanted to spend on something that I am sure will end up broken in my basement at some point.  My daughter is so jealous of this thing, it lights up and blinks and she has declared that when her brother goes to college, it is all hers.  ( I doubt it will survive that long)

Anyway, just wanted to thank the universe for aligning and making this happen.  Someday I will use my luck for lottery winnings and great fortune, however a cloak and a Jets Jersey will do for now.

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