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Thursday, October 18, 2012

For Super Ty

I am so overwhelmed with sadness. 

My friend J, brought this little boy's story to my attention.  Over 2 years ago he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer.

Yesterday, this sweet little boy passed away.

I had gone to their website a while ago and learned about Ty's journey, but as life goes, I hadn't read it in awhile.

Even then , I was amazed at the raw honesty his mother wrote with.

When I went to the website yesterday, I was overwhelmed with how she was able to write about losing Ty.  

I want to honor Ty by sharing his story with you, if you choose. 


 It's very real, very honest and so heartbreaking, but there's something about the way his mom writes that taps into every fiber of what being a mom is. 

Thank you.

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