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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Such A Great Grandma

The kids and I got up early yesterday and headed south to Connecticut to visit my Grandma.

It was so cute that they both dressed up a little, it's as if they know going to see Grandma is a big deal.

My grandma was waiting at the door for us.  She gets so excited when anyone visits.  My son headed straight for his favorite chair.  It was my Papa's.  It does just about everything, it moves, helps you stand up and even gives you a massage.  I will not lie.  I teared up a little.

Even though more than a year has passed, I still miss seeing my Papa sitting in that chair.  I also miss the way his face used to light up a little when the kids walked in.

Once again, I came to her house bearing old photo albums that I've fixed up and I eagerly awaited all the stories that she'd be sharing over the next few hours.  She did not disappoint.  We had such a great rhythm.  She would look at the photos, try and remember who was in them and usually every 5th photo or so , she would lean back on the couch and say, "Oh, that's a good story, do you want to hear it?"  My reply every single time was, "Absolutely."

We took a break and went out for lunch.  I would love to treat my Grandma out to lunch, but short of throwing her purse in a river, she will not allow it.

After lunch she wanted to show us some of the things she had been talking about, like jewelry my Papa got her or souvenirs that he had brought back from trips.  ( I was cursing myself for forgetting my camera)  Then she went to her closet where she keeps her.....furs.  Now say what you want about a fur, I don't want this to get political, but my Grandma lived in Canada, in a different time, where instead of saving up for your first car, you saved up for your first fur.

She let my daughter try on her short fur coat and her hats.  I dare say, my daughter loved them.  I managed to get a picture on my phone.

I'm always a little sad when we have to leave Grandma's house and head home, but both kids had baseball/softball practice, so home we went.

It was a great night to spend at the fields.  My daughter is loving softball, which makes me so happy because she was so upset in the fall when we had to cut back on a dance class to accommodate the softball schedule. It's nice that this year it's coach pitch and she cannot wait to hit that ball.  I am looking forward to a great season. 

We had to divide and conquer last night since both kids have practice/games on the same night at the same time.  I'm not quite sure how I will handle this when my husband has travel, I guess I better get started on that cloning machine.


Amy said...

Please send me one Jenn clone, rush delivery!

Devon said...

aww, kel looks like such a grown up little lady! i love it!

I will also take one Jenn clone. Or to make it easier on yourself, just send me one of the kids.

Jenn said...

Just remember the clones can never be as awesome as the original.