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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Case Of The Missing Underwear

I've been doing really well with my cleaning schedule.  It's nothing normal people would celebrate, but I am shouting from the rooftops. " You can come in my house, it's CLEAN!!"

Recently, my husband was informed of a last minute business trip.  The conversation went like this..
Him: (calling from work) "Hey, I have a meeting in 2 days"
Me: "Okay, is it a late meeting?"
Him: "No, it's in Chicago"

That afternoon, I reverted to my old panicky ways, asking him what he needed laundered for his trip.  I was delighted when I realized that everything was clean!  Wohoo, yay me!!

The next morning, my husband was working from home, he had a few phone meetings before he was getting picked up to go to the airport.  I was getting the kids ready for school when I heard the washing machine running.

I asked what he was washing and he said he needed underwear.  Thus began THE CASE OF THE MISSING UNDERWEAR (duh duh duh)  Let me explain.  There were a few things in our hamper, including a few pairs of his underwear.  All the clean clothes were put away, and yet besides the few pairs that he had in his drawer, there were no underwear to be found.

The obvious conclusion was that my son, who doesn't , at 13, always pay attention to what he's doing, probably took them and put them away with his stuff.  No luck there.  I thought perhaps I put them away in my drawer.  We have a closet organizer and our drawers are on top of each other, so they must be there!  Nope.

I have yet to find them.  I am assuming that I must have had them in my hand , gotten distracted and they are somewhere that makes no sense.  Well, that or The Underpants Gnomes from South Park ARE real.  It's a tough call.

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Christine said...

can't wait to hear where you finally find it!