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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bragatha Bigmouth

This is one of those blogs that I debated publishing.

Then I remembered that this is my blog and I'm supposed to be able to say whatever I want here, so there.

There is a certain kind of parent that drives me insane.  It's the parent who feels the need to let me know how amazing they are, how amazing their kid is and how amazing every little thing they do is.  I don't mean parents who say nice things about their kids, or share their accomplishments.  It's the parent who needs to make it very clear to me that their kid is the best.

"Now, Jenn.." you may say. "Don't you often tell us how great your kids are?"  Why yes, dear reader, I do, they are great.  (And way to call me out on that, it keeps me humble)  They are also not perfect and I will be the first to tell you that as well.

Everyone thinks their kids are good at what they do.  That's fine.  Cheer for a goal, encourage them to be better, practice harder.  Support them when they find something they're really good at it, get a poster sized picture of them and hang it over your fireplace, you gave birth to that, you helped create the magic, enjoy it!

However, why oh why do you feel the need to tell me how your kid is the best?  Do you think I won't be offended?  You are basically saying your kid is better than mine and any one else's on the team.  It's just thoughtless really.

I realize that this kind of parent pushing my buttons is probably more about my issues than theirs, but sometimes a girl needs to vent.  I know that I am very sensitive about offending people, so this is why I get so easily offended.

When my hubby and I were dating, I remember being at a video store (remember those?) and him looking at a particular movie and saying (in his normal voice, which is LOUD) "Who would rent that, it's awful!"  I was mortified.  What if someone was about to rent that?  He would have just made them feel like a moron.  These are the things I worry about.

I've learned a little, with time, that what people think about the people I'm with, isn't my problem.  If someone thinks my husband is an movie snob, that doesn't mean I am.  I am just a born protector of people's feelings.

My kids have gotten hurt , or had bad days, but if someone hurts their feelings, it just rips my heart open, it's just the way I'm wired.

So Bragatha Bigmouth, I may have to suffer sitting through a few sporting seasons with you, but I will do my best to realize that your issues are not my issues and I will be trying to park my chair far, far away from you.

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Linnea said...

This is my favorite post yet!