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Monday, April 2, 2012

Coming Clean

So, I totally blanked on doing Thursday and Friday's blog posts.  I'm awesome. 

I have been so focused on my new cleaning calendar that I seem to have forgotten about other things.

I have looked for cleaning schedules in the past, but I would barely make it past the first few days.  I don't know why , but they just didn't work with the way that I "enjoy" cleaning.

I saw this one on Pinterest.  For some reason it spoke to me.

I really like the idea that along with the stuff I should do everyday, each day I am tackling one big task.  I have amended a few things on the list.  For example, my son empties the dishwasher everyday when he gets home from school, so that isn't done in the morning.  I also try and do laundry during the week as well.  I really don't want to spend my Saturday doing laundry, especially with spring sports about to kick in.

It was so nice this weekend to invite my brother and sister in law over and have to just spend a few minutes straightening up rather than the usual cleaning up until the moment people arrive.

My goal is to have this become a habit, I am so happy when my house is clean.  I wish it was easier for me, it just has never been something that has come naturally for me.  I would love to be cleaning one day and not hear my kids say, "Who's coming over?"

So I've been successful for one week. I won't sound the victory trumpets just yet, but I did actually wake up this morning thinking, "Oh! It's deep vacuuming day!"  My vacuum cleaner has a dirt indicator light that goes from red to orange to green when it's clean.  I don't know how the little elves that live in there know, but they do.  There is something so satisfying about seeing your whole house "green". 

So, the theory is that , it shouldn't take me as long to clean this week since I just did it last week, leaving time for writing and other wonderful things, right?

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Christine said...

Love this cleaning schedule! I may have even pinned it too, but can't remember =) It definitely looks manageable...may have to give it a shot myself. I'm with you on the laundry. I have to do a little bit each day, can't leave it for one day otherwise it's too overwhelming. Have fun cleaning!