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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Puppy Love

One day, I think it was in the summer, my parents told us we were going to Riverside Park.  We were so excited and it was so unexpected,  we usually knew when we had something planned.

We ended up at a house.  I am guessing that my parents wanted to give us a destination that was far enough away that we wouldn't ask a million questions as to where we were going.

In the backyard was the most amazing thing we had ever seen....puppies!!

English Springer Spaniels, so tiny and adorable.  We picked out our puppy, we liked that her head had brown patches with a white stripe down the middle.  She would be home with us in a little while and we went out for pizza after to decide on her name.

Even with our excitement , I still remember my sister and I thinking, "So are we still going to Riverside, could this be the GREATEST day of our lives?"  We weren't, but that was just fine.

My sister and I liked the name Samantha, it sounded so fancy to us.  My mom, who I think had given us pretty normal names said she had always liked the name Kyran.  We didn't like it at first, but before she came home, it was her name.

Kyran was a great dog.  She was so obedient, except when it came to being outside.  Outside, all bets were off.  She could not be off of a leash or off of her run or she just took off.  She just loved to take off, sometimes she'd come home filthy or sometimes even with a dead bird.  She was mischief in the wild outdoors.

On one of her adventures, someone picked her up in their car and brought her home.  It wasn't her home though, unknown to us, Kyran's brother, Charlie lived just a few miles away from us.

Inside, she was completely different.  My dad had her trained to stay out of a few rooms.  She listened for the most part.  Sometimes, in our first house, we would pull up the driveway and would see her standing in the front bay window, in the living room, where she wasn't allowed.  Magically, when we came inside, she'd be laying in another room, breathing a little heavy.

When she got older, and sick, she finally decided that she wasn't going to stand for us bring in a room she wasn't allowed in.  One day , we were all sitting in our living room ( we didn't use it much, we also had a family room) and she just walked in.  My dad said, "What are you doing in here!" and Kyran just growled, looked at him and hobbled to a spot to lay down.  My dad let it go.

Losing Kyran was awful, we tried everything to make her well, but in the end we did what was best for her.

I still miss how she would come running when you would open a food wrapper.  I miss how her and I would chase each other around the house.  I miss how if her dog food had peas in it, she would gobble it down and then methodically spit out the peas.  I love all the nicknames we gave her, Ky, Kyran B Anthony, Kyran Samantha.

I miss you girl!!


Amy said...

I'm so glad you wrote about getting her; I have only the vaguest memory-- of a yard and maybe a low fence and swing set?

Jenn said...

Yes! You are absolutely right.

Devon said...

Kyran was a great dog, I remember you guys were the only ones I knew as a kid who had a dog dog and not a tiny little poodle dog like taffy. (sorry taffy) I always liked her curly ears.