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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spring Fever

Flashback Friday is being replaced by Fever Friday this week.  (And apparantly on Saturday, as I just realized I never published this yesterday)

My son came home Thursday and was unusually not STARVING when he got home.  I assumed he'd grab something in a little while. He headed up to his room to do some homework.

My daughter got home about an hour later and after a phone call and getting dinner ready, she and I were headed out to her dance class.  I yelled upstairs to let him know we were leaving.

The poor thing came down looking like he'd been hibernating for the winter.  He told me he'd fallen asleep.  A quick hug and I knew he had a fever.  After taking his temp, it was 102.

I gave him some Advil and had him rest on the couch until we got back.  ( in case any grandparents are reading this, her class is only a 1/2 hour long and 5 minutes away)

So, he was able to squeeze on extra day out of Spring Break, I kept him home Friday.  He was still battling the fever and didn't have an appetite at all.

He decided to spend a good part of the day in my room, resting and watching TV.  I kept popping in to check on him, or do some cleaning.  I thought it was so cute how sometimes I would walk in and he would be engrossed in something on The History Channel and the next time, he would be watching The Smurfs.

It's kind of a perfect example of how he is at 13.  He's still so innocent and yet so mature.  He's more than happy to sit and play Chutes and Ladders with his little sister, but loves challenging me to a game of Scrabble.

He loves all those awful video games where he and his friends go on shooting missions ( something I've just given into recently , he knows that if at any point he is inappropriate or violent it all goes away) but sat last night with his sister watching old "Leave it to Beaver" episodes on Netflix with his sister , laughing like a maniac.

I really love him at this age, it's like witnessing the crossover of him becoming a young man.  He really is a great kid and I consider myself so very lucky, but also allow myself some pride that it didn't happen completely by accident.

It also helps that no matter how big he's gotten, when the fever hits, he wants his mommy.

***UPDATE***  He's a whole new kid today, and for those of you keeping track, I never found the freaking underwear, it's driving me nuts.  I just bought new ones, so I should find them any minute.

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Amy said...

Promise me you'll save this for him to read when he's grown.