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Monday, May 21, 2012

Tears Of A Clown

I have a weakness for comedians.

I am attracted to funny, I always have been.  Making me laugh is the way to my heart.

Most of my celebrity crushes are on funny men. 

As most "True Hollywood" stories go, comedians tend to be a little messed up.  You know, they use the humor as a way to cope with their problems, which leads to success and trouble.

So, since I am a happily married woman, and I have no plans on becoming a celebrity stalker,  I tend to worry about these funny men.

I love Alec Baldwin, I hate some of the things he's done, like the infamous phone call he made to his daughter, but I have such a weakness for him.  There's a scene in "It's Complicated" where he makes the saddest face, it makes me cry every time.  I feel like in that moment he's not acting, he's definitely reflecting on something.  It's the dumbest thing really, but I'm a worrier, its what I do.

This past Saturday, "Saturday Night Live" aired its season finale.  At the end, they did a little musical goodbye number to say goodbye to Kristen Wiig.  I was so distracted by Jason Sudeikis throughout the entire thing.  He looked devastated.  I know there are rumors that he won't be returning next year. so I thought he may have been emotional at first.  As the number went on he faded further and further to the back and just looked miserable.

The thing is, it's two days later and I'm still worried about him.  Nothing short of him releasing a statement saying, "Got emotional the other night, everything's great though." will ease my mind.  We had just recently watched an episode of "Who Do You Think You Are" that featured him and his family history.  It was so sweet to watch him interact with his dad on the show.  I think that's why it keeps making me think of him.

I will admit to actually "Googling"  about this and I was pleased to see that I was not the only one who noticed (despite what my hubby thought lol.)  A lot of people saw the same thing and I was so glad I wasn't alone.  This person broke it all down and even had theories.  It's just comforting to know I wasn't the only one who noticed. 

Anyway, that's what's on my mind today.  I swear I'm not a crazy stalker.  Really, I'm not.

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