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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Mother Of A Day

This Mother's day may have been my favorite.

After a hectic week, I think we all needed a fantastic day.

We got one.

I woke up, we had a nice morning, coffee, breakfast and a few gifts.

The kids got me some new fancy flip-flops and Just Dance 3 for the PS3.  I guess when they all went shopping together, the kids were certain that I would love the game.  My husband wasn't so sure and kept the receipt handy just in case.  I was thrilled.  Some of the songs are hilarious and so much fun to dance to.  We spent some time dancing to a few of our favorites and then I was told to go and get ready.

We all jumped in the car and we were off...to Maine!

I guess the kids didn't know where we were going either, so it was super exciting when they realized where we were.

We did a little shopping, then had a yummy lunch at Bob's Clam Hut.  I have been going there since I was a little girl, but I never got anything "seafood" there until I was an adult.  It's such a tradition for us to go there,  I love that we are sharing that with our kids.

Then, we drove up to the beach.  It's so nice to be up there on a nice day before the parking meters are running and everything is busy and crowded.  We set up near a small river area and my kids ran around like lunatics. 

My husband had brought a kite and a frisbee and we had lots of fun and laughs attempting to be good at both.  It was so breezy that if you didn't catch the frisbee, it would roll and roll in all sorts of crazy directions and circles.  It was so funny watching the kids chase after it.  ( Yes, the kids..the parents knew to conserve their energy)

After we had enough sun and sand we headed back towards the outlets.  I'm not much of a shopper, but I did manage to get a couple of things.  The kids were so good the whole time.  I didn't want to push my luck, so we decided that it was probably time to head home.

We were still content from our lunch, but knew we'd be getting hungry.  My husband suggested ice cream for dinner.  The kids and I may have actually applauded the idea.  We sat and had our ice cream, my husband went and grabbed a couple of coffees for he and I and we all commented that even though it had just been a handful of hours and a small distance from home, it felt like we had just taken a vacation

It was exactly what we all needed.  I will remember it always.


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Christine said...

sounds like a fantastic day! and we had ice cream for dinner on Mother's day too!