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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Village

My husband has started traveling for work.  At first I was so excited for him, he's a bit of a homebody, and it's very good for him to get out and travel.  My plan is to accompany him sometime. Hahahahaha.  I'm laughing because we have to kids at home that are in sports and other activities and he travels during the week and yeah, it's probably never going to happen.

He started traveling last year, but it was just a few trips here and there.  It has really picked up lately.  Of course.  It couldn't have picked up in the winter when we didn't have as many activities going on.  It has to be now.  Our kids are playing baseball and softball, plus my daughter takes dance and my son takes guitar lessons.

None of this is a big deal except that the schedule gods have decided that all activities should be on the same night, at the same time.  This is great however, I have come to realize that I cannot actually be in two places at once.

So, I am rallying my village.  I am always grateful when my son is on a team with a kid whose parents I know and trust.  Some of us are in the same boat with schedules, so it's really great when we can help each other out.  We also all have 13 year old boys who aren't so great with details so it's nice that we have each other to work that stuff out.

My parents live about 45 minutes away, but are more than happy to come down for the day and help me out.  My in-laws live in town, they are happy to help, but my father in law also travels a lot and my mother in law doesn't like to drive at night.  Still, when they can help, the always do.

When I realize there's a scheduling conflict, I can literally feel my anxiety start to rise.  I thought it was the stress of figuring out how to get everyone where they need to be, but I really think it stems from sincerely wanting to be there to watch each of my kids.  Also, the control freak inside of me thinks nothing bad can happen if I'm there.

I have learned to take a deep breath, think of a couple possible solutions, and cross my fingers.  These things usually have a way of working out. 

I couldn't do it without the help of friends and family and I am very thankful for them all.

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Christine said...

it is good to have friends that you can count on! Hubby travels a bit too and there really is nothing like having some good girlfriends that come to my rescue when I need it. Always good knowing you're in the same boat as others. And yes, it does take a village!