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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Did That Just Happen?

10pm- Have trouble falling asleep because traveling husbands give me insomnia.  Well my traveling husband anyway, I actually sleep pretty well when other husbands are traveling.

11pm- fall asleep...ahhhhh

4am- "What the heck is that noise?  Oh my daughter coughing, still coughing....cough cough coughing"

4:30am- Listen to daughter ask lots of questions, reply with vague mumbling and non-committal answers like "sure, maybe the moon would be a good vacation"

5:00am- Turn on Phinneas and Ferb and thank the TV people for inventing cable and 24 hour cartoons.

5:30am- Realize that we've both fallen asleep, turn TV off.

6:35am- Hit "dismiss" on my cell phone alarm instead of "snooze".  I just needed 10 more minutes.

7:01am- Wake up in a panic.  MCAS is today!  My son needs a good breakfast!  I am a terrible mother!  Oh wait, he's up.  He's showered, he's...eating.  Aww man, and after I almost killed him last night.  Redemption.

7:15am- Daughter comes downstairs, lays on the loveseat, covers up and tells me she is laying downstairs because she doesn't trust I will wake her up for school.  (Rightfully so, I would have let her sleep in, still, she shouldn't know that at 7 years old!)

7:45- Daughter seems great, get ready for school.

8:30- Send off my little ray of sunshine, prepare for my Dad's visit, run some errands and mentally ready myself for what I think will be a 4:30pm meltdown from my daughter. 

1:00pm- After a lovely lunch with my dad, I check voice mail, making sure I didn't miss a call from the school nurse.  So far, so good.

1:30pm- Receive a call from the school nurse, my child is exhausted.  My dad and I are on our way.

2:00pm- She falls asleep.

3:00pm- She wakes up, ummm...no no no...not enough sleep.  Me no like.

4:00pm- LOTS of crying, whining, and a tummy ache of epic proportions.  I start thinking appendicitis, hernia...but my gut is saying, "this kid needs to GO".  I ask in a million different ways, but she refuses to admit that THAT is the problem.

4:30pm- MELTDOWN!! Wohooo!! I win!  I'm right! 

4:45pm- Dad, son and son's friend leave for a baseball game.  So thankful dad is there to help out.  Love my village.  Prepare myself for missing dance class and softball practice with daughter, oh I mean Princess Grumpypants.

4:46pm-5:20pm- I will spare you the details and she'll kill me for this one day, but let's just say after seeing my daughter unable to actually sit down, we headed up to the bathroom.  We read, we joked, there was some hard work ahead of her, but when all was said and done (and man oh man was there screaming and crying), success.  Again, mom knew best, but I guess she was embarrassed to say anything in front of my dad.  Sweet, but oh man, poor girl.  Amazingly enough, she was herself again! 

5:21pm- "Mom, I really want to try and go to dance class, the recital is coming up..and then can we go to the game?(her brother's)"

5:22pm- Run around like a mad woman because as you remember I was staying in.

Rush off to dance, drive a few towns over, arrive at son's game....just in time to miss him playing in it.  Freeze a little while daughter runs off to the playground and has the time of her life.


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