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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Poor Little Lark

Random Thoughts for the Week....

  • I really want those "Alouette" dancing, colorful Target commercial people to run through my house and upgrade everything with a little splash of color.  I want that song playing the entire time.

  • I decided to look up the song, since the kids and I have been singing it lately and learned that it means "Lark, nice, lark", very sweet...but then goes on to say " I will pluck out your feathers...eyes, wings, etc..."  Oh my!  A little more research showed that the lark was a game bird, so they were killed and then plucked.  Not the happy little tune I thought it was, The French can make anything sound wonderful.

  • I am STILL cleaning out my closet, I have been really distracted by researching the family genealogy and scanning a ton of pictures onto a passport drive so that my dad can have access to all the old pictures his mom has.  I plug away at a little bit each day, but ick..I almost wish I never unearthed this madness. (The closet I mean)

  • I found 2 used undeveloped rolls of film in my closet.  I cannot wait to see what's on them.

  • Is anyone eating cream of mushroom soup or can we all agree we just use it in recipes?

  • Bananas go from "just wait one more day" to be eaten, to , "Everyone eat the bananas!!" in my house.

  • I know we lose an hours sleep this weekend, but I cannot wait until it stays lighter later.  It changes my whole outlook on life, I swear.


Christine said...

I started the process of cleaning my closet/dresser today--disaster! Cream of mushroom soup--I only use it in recipes, but Hubby has been known to eat it as a soup--bleck! I cannot wait to spring ahead--same reasons as you! Gosh we are so much alike!

Devon said...

I only eat bananas when they are green. shawn thinks that's weird but i don't think he's one to comment.