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Monday, March 26, 2012

I Bless The Rains Down In Africa...

One African violet has been left in my care for a few weeks. 

There are many things I am happy to help out with when people go on vacation.  I can check your mail, feed your cat, water the lawn or shovel.  I'd even take your kids for a week without batting an eye!  Asking me to take care of your plants will put me in an all out panic.

I do not have a green thumb.  I love plants, I just don't seem to have any knack for taking care of them.

I currently have 2 plants that I've managed to keep "alive".  Their names are Miss Piggy and Kermit.  I also refer to them as my Frankenstein monsters because I am so sure that they are dead and then they magically spring back to life.  (The magic I refer to is water, they seem to like that)

If it wasn't for the cheesy aqua globes I bought at The Christmas Tree Shop one day, they would have never made it this long.  I had one plant I thought I could manage without having to go and get more globes, R.I.P. Gonzo, you never had a chance.

So when my mom called and asked if I would take care of her African Violet while she was away, I was pretty sure she had dialed the wrong number.

She was smart enough to officially give the job to my daughter, but I am the one who will spend the most time with it.  It will sit there, begging me to just keep it alive until it's capable owner gets back.  I took a picture of it today, just so I can make sure that it's thriving.  (And maybe also in case I need to replace it)

My mom came over with the plant and also food for it.  This may be where I have gone wrong in the past.  I have never in my life bought plant food.  Ever. 

My daughter has the instructions and so far has done what was asked of her, but it's the first day, we can't rest on our laurels just yet.

I hope when my mom returns, she will find her violet in excellent condition and then promptly get that thing the hell out of my house.

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Devon said...

plants have food....? Isn't the soil and sunlight their food? perhaps this is where I've been going wrong as well. I've successfully killed several plants myself, including Jake the Snake Plant. Now I just bought Nicholas Angel (the Peace Lily we'll see how that goes. Apparently I too should get some plant food....