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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Making a list

This past week and weekend I decided to finally bite the bullet and make , "THE LIST".

I feel like I have a million things that I want to do around the house.  There are things as simple as changing light bulbs in some of our fixtures.  (They have like 4 bulbs in them, so I'm not completely lazy, but some have a bulb or two out) and then there's things like putting in a chair rail in the dining room. 

I think of these things as I do things around the house, but I seem to forget them as soon as I walk away from whatever it is.

A few years ago , I painted a vanity for my daughter's room.  As she's gotten older, she likes to use it as a desk.  Her room is small and there's no way we'll ever get an actual desk in there, so I thought that maybe I could get a piece of glass cut and put it on top of that so it could be used as a little desk and would save the top of the vanity.  I have been thinking of this for at least a year, yet it never occurs to me to go and get it done.  I completely forget about it the second I walk out of her room!  It is now on the list.

As I go around the house, cleaning, organizing, etc.  I add anything to the list.  My goal is to accomplish one task a week.  I'm definitely starting out small, like light bulb small, but my hope is to finish the list, not just continually add to it.

We were able to get a chunk of things done this weekend, there's something about nice weather and daylight savings that gave us a nice burst of energy.  It was also super easy because my daughter was sleeping at my cousin's house for the weekend and my son was off playing basketball in the neighborhood most of the day. 

I love my kids dearly and usually it's so nice for us all to spend our weekend time together, but I was happy for a chance to get a lot of stuff done with my husband without interruption.

That being said, I think we were all in bed by 8:30 last night, we were all exhausted!


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Christine said...

Hubby just put new lightbulbs in the fixtures outside the garage. There are 4 bulbs, 3 had been out forever. The 4th just went out last week. Now all 4 are lit--yay!

Perhaps you are starting your own Year of the Cat?!? I have my list too! And we get so much more done when the kids are away than when they are around!