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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Might as Well Face it......

I'm addicted to mugs.

I love mugs.  I am not big on collecting things, but I can appreciate how a mug can make me remember a trip or a childhood memory.  Since I am a complete coffee addict, I often pick a mug that reflects the mood I'm in.

I thought I'd share my mug moods with you today.....

 This is a mug from a beautiful inn that just happens to be run by some family friends.  We had my Dad's 50th Birthday party there and it was a weekend full of fun, friends and family.  I enjoy the shape of this mug and the memories it brings back.

This you may recognize as a mug from The Titanic.  It's a replica, obviously, we saw The Titanic exhibit in Denver when we were visiting my sister.  It was great, but you weren't allowed to take any pictures, so we were excited to pick out a few souvenirs to remember the  day.  This is a perfect size cup for a quick cup of coffee before I'm off and running, or if I dare to sneak in an afternoon cup.

Nubble Light, Maine.  I will always always love you......This mug makes me happy.  So happy, we have 2 of them.

A mug for any occasion!  I usually use this one on the weekends.  My kids like to see what I write on there.  A few from the past have been, "Rain, rain go away"  "Go wake up Daddy" and "Ahhhhh...coffee".  A bonus is , it holds a lot of coffee, perfect for getting me in gear for the weekend.

No explanation needed. "Who are these kids and why are they calling me Mom?"

This last mug I have had the longest.

 It stayed in the back of the cupboard until recently.  My Aunt Louise brought it back for me when she went on her honeymoon over 30 years ago.

 When my parents named me Jennifer, they thought they had picked such a unique name, they didn't know anyone named Jennifer.  Sadly, about a kajillion other parents had the same thoughts that year.  I started out as Jennifer and soon became a "Jenny".

 Sometime around 6th grade, I decided that I was far too mature and cool and would now be referred to as "Jenn".  I went with the double "n" to try and stand out just a little.  Most of my fellow Jennifer, Jen and Jenn's ditched the "Jenny" and never looked back.  I know we all have relatives that still call us by our old names, but they get a pass.

 Maybe it's because I'm getting older, but I don't mind The Jenny like I used to, and so the return of...

The Jenny Mug.


Christine said...

as you know, I love my coffee! And I have my favorite mugs too :-)

Unknown said...

I have 2 of the exact same mugs, plus my own nubble mug.

Amy said...

I don't know why my name isn't coming up - the creepy mug comment-maker is me, Amy.

Aunt Louise said...

That mug brings back memories. I had forgotten we bought it. We have two more at our house, one with Gary and the other with Louise on it.

Enjoying your blogs!!!