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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Hangover

 I may be too old for Halloween.

I was so tired today , it was unreal.

I may have had some rum cider and other drinks.  This probably didn't help.

We had a really fun night.

Our friends came over as they have done for the past 4 or more years.  We have dinner together and then head out to trick or treat.

My usual candy passer outer , my father in law , was stuck in Florida, so we decided to leave a bowl on the steps and head out.

My daughter was very concerned that people would take more than one piece.  I didn't care.  I just wanted that candy gone.

I only had one piece of candy the whole day, a peanut butter snickers, but I was so wired, I could not fall asleep.

My 38 year old body rejected all my fun from last night, I had a headache, I was nauseous and grumpy.

I think maybe, for my sake , I will only "celebrate" Halloween when it falls on a weekend.

Here's a picture from last night.  My kids were Alice in Wonderland and Fantasy Football.


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Amy said...

We were wishing Halloween was on a weekend this year, too! - Amy