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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Brace Yourself

Last week my son got his braces off.

It has been so funny watching him check out his new (and may I say beautiful) smile every time he walks by a mirror.

This is a kid who barely brushes his hair in the morning and on more than one occasion has tried to wear the same clothes two days in a row to school.

The last time we were at the orthodontist, they asked me if I would be okay with the kids' pictures being on their website.  I assumed they would click a few pictures in the office and that was fine with me.  They informed me that they would be paying for formal pictures to be taken at a photo studio and that I would get a few complimentary pictures.

Free pictures of my kids?  Sure!  Whatever I can do to help!

We arrived and the photographer said she would set up for some close ups of my daughter who is just starting out with orthodontics and my son who just finished.  She then added that she would take a few of them together since I had color coordinated them so nicely, but I would be under no obligation to buy them.  As if I would be able to resist.

My daughter went first and do not doubt her modeling skills.  She knows just where to stand, how to stand, and when to flash that super smile.  She seemed to look a little more natural as the pictures went on.  She was battling a rotten cold though, and in some of the pictures, she just didn't look like herself.  Of course there were some great shots.

When it was my sons turn, I had to leave the room.  He was so self conscious and I liken the photographer trying to pose him to The Scarecrow and Dorothy trying to get The Tinman to move.  I was so afraid I would get the giggles and blow the whole thing, so I excused myself to "give him some space".

I peeked in on a few and wondered how these would turn out.

Then the kids got together for a few, they were more relaxed and these of course were my favorites.

When I got home, the photos were emailed to me since the studio was super busy and I decided to check them out on-line.

 I was so surprised to see how amazing my sons photos came out!

He looks so grown up , and even though, some of the poses are very "senior photo for the yearbook"  there's not a hint of awkwardness.

Now I just have to figure out how I am going to afford them all !

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