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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lucky 7

What an amazing 7 years it has been.

Tomorrow my little girl will wake up and be 8 years old.

I can't believe it.  It sounds so little and big all at once.

She really is an amazing kid.. I know all parents say this about their kids.  I would like to think that if she was who she is and was one of my friends' kid, I would still like her.

She is a great balance of tough and sweet.  She is so graceful when she dances, I love watching her do ballet, so sweet and poised.  She is such a toughie when she plays sports, loves getting dirty and has this swagger we can't explain.

She is so great at giving hugs and kisses and telling us she loves us without being prompted.  She is a great snuggler who loves to sneak extra kisses from her daddy and tease me about it.

She has her daddy's wicked sense of humor, she is so quick with a comeback it makes my head spin.

She has a quick temper.  I equate it with Donald Duck (hmmm someone I have also compared her father with) she blows hot and fast and then it's over.  I guess it's good that it's quick, but man does she get mad.

She has anxiety about school and change and moths that you think are dead but then fly out of the toilet and scare you to death. 

She loves clothes, shoes , accessories and lip gloss, which we still call "glip gloss" like she did when she was little.

We call her Lulu.  It's nothing like her given name, but it suits her. 

She was just what our family needed to be complete and I'm so happy she's ours.

Love ya Lulu!

I hope you have the best birthday ever tomorrow!

Mommy xoxoxxo

This is one of my favorite pictures of us from her first days.....

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Aunt Louise said...

Love your blogs Jen. Please wish that beautiful daughter of yours a Happy Birthday from Uncle Gary and Aunt Louise.