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Monday, September 24, 2012

Coach's Challenge

Short blog, but thought I'd share this.

After a busy weekend, my husband and I ran out last night to do a few errands for my daughter's upcoming birthday.

We were wiped out, but knew free time would be hard to find this week.

So, as it goes, when we're tired, we bicker.

We purchased an alarm clock/docking station/speakers for my daughter's birthday and we were discussing how excited she would be.  We are actually giving her my husband's ipod.  He recently got a smart phone and has all of his music on there.  I thought since she's only going to be 8, we could give her his old one and she can upgrade when she's older (but his is pretty nice).  She also has been dying to have an alarm clock.

So, I said that it will be nice to have a smaller more useful thing on her nightstand.  On her nightstand she has a little pink boombox that she's dropped a few times, so the only thing that works on it is the radio.

My husband was like, "WHAT?" "That's not true."

I was confused, apparently he thought I was saying this about the ipod.

We then bickered a good few minutes about the order in which I said things.

Stupid tired fight that means nothing and everything, married people, am I right?

Here's what I love.  My husband says to me, "You know, when we die and get to where ever we're going, I am going to have them playback this moment and you'll see that you're wrong."

"Are you telling me that you think there's instant replay in heaven?"

" Absolutely"

There is nothing left to do at this point but laugh, so glad I love him.

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