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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Heart And Soul

So, if you want to get the sh*t scared out of you, have the school call you and tell you that your daughter is having chest pains.

It was one of those, "I know she's fine, I know she's fine, I am 99.9% sure she's fine. Oh my god what if she's not fine!!" moments.

The school nurse was very sweet and said that she listened to her heart, took her temperature, and she seemed fine.  I told her I would call the pediatrician and be right over.

The doctor was able to fit her in this afternoon. 

Let me sidebar here for a moment.  Maybe it was my nerves, but I hated every single person in that waiting room.  The dad not paying any attention to his daughter who was being a complete menace, the lady who would not stop playing on her phone, but every time she pressed a key it went "beep beep beep".  This went on for AN HOUR.  Also , guy next to me, NOT using a tissue , but your hand, you are so lucky I didn't vomit on you. 

Ok, back to the appointment.  The doctor was very sweet and asked her all kinds of questions.  He examined her and even though he didn't think there was anything to worry about, he decided to give her an ekg.  All was going well, but for some reason, my daughter freaked out.  I guess even though we told her a million times she just had to lay there, she was convinced it would hurt her. 

This is where I become Patch Freaking Adams.  I was trying my best to distract her or make her laugh, anything so I could get some piece of mind.  She finally was calm and they were able to do it.

The results were fine and they think that she may suffer from reflux, so they want us to try some sort of Calcium Carbonate with her and see if it helps.  Easy enough , right? Oh not really because there is apparently a shortage on these.  A very nice pharmacist at Target told me that they're just not getting them in.  I guess I'll be calling the doctor back in the morning.

I am so relieved she's ok.  So freaking relieved. 

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