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Friday, June 22, 2012

We Are The Champions!

The day was hot.  Very, very hot.

The kids had their last day of school.  We had planned to go to the lake in town to cool off, but my son had a championship playoff game that night and he didn't want to be tired.

The one bummer of the day was that my husband had to take a very last minute business trip and was going to miss the game.  My husband was so disappointed and sad, sometimes it's hard to be a grown up.  ( He would also be away for our 15th anniversary the next day...booo)

It was really funny watching my son prepare for his game.  I have learned he's superstitious.  He didn't want any dinner before the game because he didn't have dinner before the previous playoff game.  I tried explaining that with a 7:00 start time, he may not be able to eat until very late.  He ignored me as he had he pre-game snack, wheat thins and peanut butter.

On the way to the previous game, his spirits were down because he was kind-of convinced that they wouldn't win.  I decided to change all the lyrics to the songs we were listening to so that they were all about his team winning.  Not my finest lyrical work, but it made the kids laugh (which may have had more to do with my lack of singing ability) and it was fun.

One of the songs we heard was "Come on Eileen". I LOVE this song, I never get tired of it.  So I changed the lyrics to "Come on (town name here), Oh I swear, you can win, You've got this, Oh come on (town name)".

On the way to the championship game, at almost exactly the same place we had heard it two days before, "Come on Eileen" came on the radio again!  My son turned to me and yelled, "You have to sing it again!"  I was not about to be the reason the team lost, so I obliged.

We played against another tough team, but we came out top!  We managed another shut-out against a very good team.  I called my husband when there was one out left and put him on speaker phone so he could hear all the chaos when we won.  It was great, not the same as being there, but great.

It's so nice to see a team come together.  A team of really hard working and nice 13-14 year olds.  The coach had really great things to say about them all and was rewarded with a cooler full of water over his head.  It was such a great night and wonderful memory for my son.

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