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Monday, June 11, 2012

Almost There!

We are in the home stretch.

Things are winding down.

It's funny, that in the thick of it all, I cannot wait for this time.  Now that it's here, I already miss it.  You can't win with me, that should be obvious.

Last week, my son had his end of the year band concert.  I am always amazed at the musical talent the students in our school have.  My son plays the drums.  I love seeing all the different types of drums that they get to play.  I love when he plays the snare drum though.  Something about that rat-a-tat-tat, love it.

This year, he played the triangle during one of the numbers.  At first, I though there would be a couple of dings here and there, but during "The Pink Panther Theme Song" and "The Simpsons"  he was going to town!  It was really cool, I was quite amazed.  I know he works hard practicing all year and it's nice to get to see it all come together.

My daughter also had her dance recital over the weekend.  I love watching her dance.  She performed in three numbers, tap, ballet and hip-hop.  My parents were able to come to the recital this year and my mom cried while my daughter danced her ballet number.  She really looks so sweet and happy up on stage.

When we were getting ready before the show, I announced it was time to do her hair and make-up and get dressed.  She squealed, "Oh yes, it's my time to shine!"  I can't help but think this stems from years of being dragged to all her brother's events and finally feeling proud that she has her own things for us to attend now.

For her hip-hop number, there was a part where all the kids gather in a semi-circle and each kid, or a couple of kids, get to do a trick.  My daughter really, really, really wanted to do "the worm".  She was so excited when her teacher said she could.  I kid you not, I teared up.  I am just amazed at her confidence and ability, she really rocked the worm.

After everyone comes out and takes their bow, there are a few awards handed out.  There are some trophies for outstanding achievements.  There are some class awards for classes that work well together and work hard.  There are also honorable mention medals for students as well.

I saw my daughter's teacher get up and award a trophy to one of the older girls for ballet and then she went to hand out a medal for ballet.  I literally gasped when I heard my daughter's name called.  I was so so proud of her and I could tell by her beaming adorable fade that she was quite proud of herself as well.  It's not something we will soon forget.

So now we have a softball closing day and ceremony and soon enough, baseball season will be ending and we can enjoy the long. lazy days of summer.  I will miss you crazy spring, but I will see you again, sooner that I think.

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Amy said...

Loved the videos!