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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Speed Of Lightening...Roar Of thunder...Fighting All Who Rob Or Plunder


Last night, my son had a playoff game for baseball.

According to the gossip on the field, my understanding was that out of 8 teams, 4 made the playoffs.  I am thankful to anyone who could make sense of this crazy season.  There were so many missed games due to the rain.  So, of the 4 teams, our team was in 4th place, we were set to play against the 1st place team.

I had sat through two games where we had played against this team and they had clobbered us.  One score I remember was 18-3.

When planning the week ahead, I will admit, I assumed that we would be done with baseball last night.

I've never been more excited to be wrong.

I dropped my son off at the field, went with my daughter to grab a coffee and returned in time for when the game started.  As I was getting my chair, my daughter's blanket and her backpack stuffed with everything imaginable to keep her busy during the game, I heard some cheering from the field.

I was happy to hear that our team had scored a run.  Soon enough we settled in and our team was up another run.

Some other parents started to arrive and were wondering if we were losing by much.  They were as happy as I was to hear that we were winning!

All of the boys played well.  On a personal note, my son, who has been average all year, managed to make two phenomenal plays.  One being an outfield catch and another outfield catch followed by a throw to first for an awesome double play. 

It's so fun to see him have some moments of pride.  He may not be the most talented kid out there, but he shows up and has a good attitude and I think(being his mom , I am completely biased) he deserves some moments of glory.

I can't wait to see what happens in the championship game this week.  No matter what , these boys have really come together and I am so proud of what they've accomplished.

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