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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cleanin' Out My Closet (A.K.A. "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie")

Have we all read the story about the adorable little mouse that when given a cookie, keeps getting distracted by other things only to end up back at the cookie?  Well then, you know exactly what it's like when I clean out a closet.

I have a fairly decent sized walk-in closet in my bedroom.  (Well technically off of my bathroom that's attached to my bedroom).  Since I don't have an extensive wardrobe and neither does my husband, the closet lends itself to being able to store other things as well.

This basically means that a lot of clutter and madness ends up in there and I have officially had it.

I decided that this week (that's right, I said WEEK)  I would be devoted to cleaning and organizing this thing once and for all.  It's Wednesday and I have created more of a mess than I had in the first place.

Here's how it went down.

First , I decided to put all our old mismatched photo albums and boxes of pictures into nice new matching albums that I purchased....two years ago.  So I had to take them all out of the shelf in my closet and they are now in piles on my dining room table.

Then, I unearthed a ton of frames that I no longer use.  I decided that I should "Nate Berkus*" those bad boys with some spray paint and give them new life, but it's cold and I can't do it now, so I guess I'll get a bin out of the basement and set those aside for a great spring day.

Now, I have a giant empty shelf in the closet that I need to put something on, so I contemplated moving our printer and shredder in there since the printer is wireless and we are limited on space in our bedroom/office.  I was just about to move everything when I realized that we have no outlets in the closet.  Stop. Call husband on realities of getting outlets.  Sigh, possible, but it will have to wait. 

Next, I decide that even though it's not a finished basement, now that the kids are getting older, I think I can move most of my craft stuff downstairs.  My daughter really likes using it and we have a spare table that we can set up down there and I can actually leave projects out while I'm working on them.

I head down to the basement and spend some time clearing an area to put my closet craft stuff in and I get completely distracted by other things that aren't organized down there.

Is it any wonder why it's Wednesday and it literally looks like I managed to clear one shelf in my closet while the rest of my house exploded?

This blog may be a glaring expose' into adult ADD, but I know eventually I will get back to the cookie....er..I mean closet.  I could totally go for a cookie though.

*Using "Nate Berkus" as a verb is totally acceptable.


sherry said...

lol love it! Dan always tells me that when doing a project I make a huge mess first and then it all come sout wonderful. Also dont sell yourself short and call it ADD I think its the equiavalent to that show where they empty the whole room first and have keep, trash and give away.....just b/c it isnt a full room doesn't matter. Lastly Dan does outlets...let me know if you need one I believe we owe you a home improvement ;-)

Christine said...

love this post! You have just described me when I am cleaning anything out. I always, always make a way bigger mess and get so sidetracked while doing the original clean out job. But, once I divy everything up into the donate, keep, throw away, and put in correct space piles, the cleanup always ends up fine. Hence, my year of the cat. I am trying to get super organized.....

Jenn said...

I LOVE your Year of the Cat, I think it may have been the spark that started all of this!

Jenn said...

Glad to know I'm not alone!! I think Paul's dad will be able to help us, but I'll definitely let you know!

trev said...

While I am an organizing machine I think I could be more use to your outlet situation! If you ever need electrical help you know where to find me! And if you don't, DEAL WITH IT!


Ps if you ever finish your closet perhaps you could give Michelle some guidance.

Pps can you block Michelle from viewing this?

Jenn said...

How could I forget I have such skilled and talented friends! Thanks Trev, I'll definitely let you know if we need help!