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Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Thoughts for the Week

This past week hasn't been very productive.

I was sick.  It was just a bad cold , but it really knocked me out.  I feel like I neglected everything; my house, my kids, Valentine's Day, my birthday and my blog!

Luckily, I have a great husband , who has promised a "do-over" this weekend for my birthday, but honestly it was still a great day and I felt very loved.

Ok...so being sick gave me lots of time to watch news, catch up on shows and watch some terrible tv.  It also gave me lots of time to lay around thinking about things. Here are my random thoughts for the week.

-Why does the guy on the carpeting/flooring  commercial ( I can't remember which company) act like he'd be all put out by 50% off and then says, " What's next free?" Umm, yeah, that would be great..anyone listening , I WILL TAKE FREE HARDWOOD FLOORS!

- There seems to be a lot of chatter on Facebook regarding honoring soldiers and Whitney Houston.  I think there's always opportunities to keep things in perspective, but there's no way these things should be compared.  She's a human being who was loved by her family and fans, despite her flaws.  She has no control over how those people choose to mourn or honor her and it doesn't take away from anyone else's loss.

- I got caught up in a Teen Mom 2 marathon.  I decided I wasn't as upset that these moms were immature as I was that they all had professionally colored hair, nails done, extensions and cooler phones than me. 

- Except Janelle, that girl is so incredibly messed up, as much as it may seem wonderful that her mom is raising Jayce, didn't she also raise Janelle?

- I had a moment this week that made me realize how frustrating it must have been to be my parents.  For every time I said , "I don't know"  I apologize.

- I also realized that I love getting presents both practical and impractical.  I was as thrilled to receive a gift certificate to get my nails done as I was to get new silverware and a car organizer. 

- I kind of like writing checks.

- Are we really buying roll covers for our back up toilet paper?  I just want to know.  They're pretty and all, but I'm not getting them unless you do.

I'd love to say, "I promise I'll write more next week!" , but its school vacation week and we're going to gut and reorganize the kids' rooms, so I'll probably be too busy banging my head against a wall.  Repeatedly.

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