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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

So Awesome I Could Cry...

There are some days that my kids are so awesome , I want to cry.  When those days coordinate with PMS, it's a perfect storm. 

Today my daughter had a play date with a girl in her class.  My daughter LOVES this girl.  She draws pictures of her, tell us all about her, and begs to have play dates with her. 

Her friend is almost 8 years old and has a syndrome.  I don't really want to go into a lot of detail on here, because hers is not my story to tell and she is so much more than this syndrome.

I am so used to seeing my daughter in the role of, "Let's play this " and " I want to do this", it was so amazing to see her play just as happily with someone who can't verbally communicate with her and to see them really have a ball together.

I think back to when she first asked me about getting together with her and I was such a wreck.  It seems so silly now, especially since that I've met the mom and she's just about as awesome as can be. 

At the time, I was nervous about how they would play, I wondered if my house would be an appropriate place for them to play and whether they would even have any interest in playing with us When I actually called and left a message , I received a call back from a mom who had never received a call for a play date for her daughter.  She was so excited to get the call and get the girls together.

Throughout the playdate, she kept thanking us and she kept saying it was so wonderful of my daughter to think of her daughter.  I hope I was able to convey to her that this get together meant just as much to us as it did to her.  I didn't want her to think we were doing this just to be nice, my daughter genuinely likes her daughter.  She told me today that this little girl is her best friend and I went in my room and cried a little.

As much as I like to teach my kids life lessons, this one was all my daughter and I feel so lucky that I was there to witness it.

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Christine said...

what a wonderful friend your little one is! and what a great example she is for others. be proud mama, you're doing a great job with both kids!