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Monday, July 9, 2012

Scenes From A Road Trip

The following takes place on a very early summer morning , when a family of four jumped in their minivan and headed south...

5am- "Can we watch a movie?"
         "Sure, just use your headphones please."
         "Ummm, we didn't pack any."

Cut to me ripping through bags to find my husbands and my ear buds for our ipods, since it's way too early to pop into a Target or Walmart to grab some.  Oh lord, I hope that's all we forgot.

7am- Paid $3.99 for gas in New York.  Yikes!
- I love how we have a set of directions to help us bypass some of the busier parts of the trip, but we're still using our GPS.  Our poor GPS, who is a girl, has recalculated a jillion times and it's only 8am.  Also, even though we are the ones who are "disobeying" her, my husband still feels completely justified in arguing with her.

10:00- Hit bumper to bumper traffic as we enter Delaware. Boo.

Baltimore- This is where my husband and I threatened to take away every bit of electronics the kids brought if they could not be bothered to look at the scenery.  I think that's a lot of the beauty of a road trip, I love reading signs and coming across interesting things.  I also love how content my kids were because of the DVD's they could watch.  Also, I love that they watched "Clue" and "Annie", two childhood favorites of mine.

The Capital Beltway- Where exhaustion sets in as we sit in traffic. On to Richmond!

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - WE WILL NEVER GET TO RICHMOND!!  Traffic sucks, oh and did I mention that something in/on/under my car is making a howling noise? **car stuff freaks me out**

The moment when I lost my cool- (a.k.a. How many people does it take to change a baby?)
We stopped off the highway to check on the car.  Our professional diagnosis being, we have no idea.

We all decided to stop at a McDonald's and use the restroom.

We step out of the car.  So hot.  Sweating, and we haven't even moved yet. 

There is a line for the bathroom, once you get in the bathroom there is another line.  There are TOO many people in this bathroom. 

My daughter and I are next.

Three, that's right I said THREE, adults come in the bathroom to change a baby.  The changing table isn't in a stall, it opens up into the already tiny bathroom waiting area.

My daughter and I have to move and now stand between the sink and a stall where a woman is trying to get out and has her adult diaper in her hand. ( Please don't think me insensitive, I was completely overwhelmed in the moment and I HAD TO PEE!!!)

I may have yelled, "THAT'S IT!" and pushed our way out of the bathroom.

My husband and son stood there with their oh so empty bladders as I yelled, " WE HAVE TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!" (Here is a dramatic representation of the event, I swear the bathroom was even smaller than depicted)

Luckily there was a Target across the street where we were able to use the bathrooms and score some cheapo lumbar pillows that saved the rest of the car trip.

We were thrilled that we had planned to stop at a hotel for the night and not drive straight through. 

More to come.....

1 comment:

Devon said...

i am laughing my head off at your post. Your picture is classic.

Clearly your GPS is related to my GPS Beatrice. a sample conversation from a trip: STOP TELLING ME YOU ARE RECALCULATING. YOU ARE TELLING ME TO GO A STUPID WAY! IF YOU WOULD JUST TELL ME THE CORRECT DIRECTION, YOU WOULDN'T NEED TO RECALCULATE. STOP SOUNDING SO PUT OFF, BEATRICE. (clearly i embody your husbands tendency to argue with the GPS)