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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Maybe I'm Crazy.,,

Today we went to the lake in town.

This is really what we pretty much do every day all summer long.

I honestly feel like it is my reward for getting through the school year and spring sports and all of the nonsense of scheduled life.

This year it is a little more challenging for us because if there isn't anyone for my 13 year old to hang out with, he is miserable.

My daughter on the other hand is in her prime for enjoying the lake.  She has tons of friends there and is so happy to splash around and hang out with them,

Today we arrived in the morning for the kids' lessons.  The lake opens up for swimming soon after. 

The plan was that one of my daughter's friends would come home with us for a sleepover.  My daughter had slept at her house last week and it was time to return the favor.

They have another friend that they play with and I was making arrangements to have a sleepover with her (the girls and their moms have been friends of mine for years) for later this week or next week when the girls decided that they all really really wanted to have a sleepover all together.

I was game.  Honestly, they're going to talk and giggle and I'll probably have to remind them a jillion times to get some sleep because they have lessons in the morning, but I figured if I was doing it , why not get it all done in one night instead of two nights and two mornings with a cranky mommy searching for a caffeine fix? 

The girls squealed with delight when all the moms agreed and the plan was set.

It was then I sensed some puppy dog eyes staring at me ....It was my son, giving me that, "If she's having people over...." look.

Why not, seriously after adding one extra kid, it hardly seemed like it would matter. 

So I have 5 kids in my house right now, but other than giggling and some running up and down the stairs , you really wouldn't know it. 

I love that even though it was last minute , as you all know , I'm a bit of a planner, we've managed.  I hope the kids have a blast and I hope they all get a decent nights sleep, but that's never really the point of the sleepover, is it?

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